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Rebreathing mask combo 3*


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* Rebreathing combos and related accessories are intended for display purposes only.

We do not advocate any actual use of this product. Safety is of paramount importance.

Never play with breathing equipment alone.

Fetish Rubber Breathing (medical)








Fetish Rubber Medical Anaesthetic Anesthesia Mask Rebreathing Combo 3 With Head HarnessInstincts-Logo.jpg

Rubber resuscitation gag



Serving suggestion courtesy of Atomage


Nothing else has the power to evoke so many feelings and memories of dread (or excitement) quite like the traditional black rubber anaesthetic mask. 

Whatever your memories; our range of rubber re-breathing mask combos is sure to leave you gasping with excitement. Many of our components are interchangeable so you can add additional components at a later date. Alternatively, contact us with your own ideas for your combo and well give you a price. 

Rebreathing mask combo 1: remaining

 WAS £87 + P&P NOW £79 + P&P

Set consists of:


1 x Black rubber anaesthetic mask size 5 (Only size 5 masks left)

2 x 22mm connectors

1 x black rubber rebreathing bag 6 litre

1 x corrugated rubber breathing hose 42 inch

1 x air control valve (green in colour. Black shown)

 1 x anaesthetic mask harness 4 tail

Rubber resuscitation gag: 2 remaining

WAS £25 + P&P NOW £19 + P&P


Plastic Oxygen Mask with tube: 6 remaining

WAS £4.50 each + P&P NOW £3.50 each + P&P